About D&H Alternative Risk Solutions

D&H Alternative Risk Solutions was formed in May of 1996 by Wayne Dietz and Susan Hammer and is based in Sussex County New Jersey. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions is a fully licensed Insurance Consulting and Third Party Administration Company. It is the intent of the corporation to provide insurance services to Joint Insurance Funds, Self-Insured accounts as well as private companies and captive or deductible insurance arrangements.

Presently, D&H Alternative Risk Solutions services include: insurance placement of Life, Health, Accident, Property and Casualty lines; claim’s administration in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York for Workers Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Liability and Physical Damage, and EPLI; medical cost containment programs, arranging for excess or reinsurance placement and loss control & prevention.

Through D&H Alternative Risk Solutions Claims Administration services, our experienced claim’s professionals will provide all necessary claim investigations, coordinate return to work with the employer and the physician, research and monitor litigated cases with defense attorneys and pursue all potential subrogation. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions has a strong philosophy on researching; identifying and recovering all subrogated claim dollars and has successfully recovered millions of dollars for their clients.

One of the many-heralded services provided to their clients are the customized claim data reports, loss trend and payment reports which are generated from the Riskmaster Claims System ™. Flexibility allows D&H Alternative Risk Solutions to customize their system to provide the exact reports required by each customer. These are supplemented by the standard reports designed by the risk managers. Running on Intel Pentium ™ HP Servers and both client and web based systems, D&H Alternative Risk Solutions provides state of the art automated solutions including Citrix system access directed by the client, superior claims analysis and record keeping; and compatible electronic mail communications. Clients can access their account through the D&H Alternative Risk Solutions secure network and view all claim information, including reserves, in real time.

Clients also can contract for loss control and safety services. These services consist of on-site inspections, reports outlining any recommendations, follow up inspections, periodic loss control seminars and meetings at the location of the client or risk manager. The focus and value of such reports and inspections are to prevent losses by identifying hazardous operations or conditions from prior experience and taking action before future accidents happen. This ensures a safer environment for all employees and guests. This also saves money that can be used more productively elsewhere in the clients business.

D&H Alternative Risk Solutions will provide assistance to their clients in determining their risk management budget and loss funding needs, tracking loss trends, writing annual reports, submitting state filings, preparing actuarial reports and other risk management activities. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions will also assist the clients in installing a managed care organization, for the medical providers, employers, employees and risk managers.

At D&H Alternative Risk Solutions we understand forming a successful self-funding plan requires more than just knowledge and extensive insurance resources. Many clients have left the traditional insurance market seeking alternatives because of a lack of satisfaction with mainstream products, programs and services. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions staff promotes a “refreshing approach” to the often mysterious and complex enigma called insurance. Keen insight into today’s insurance marketplace, along with our knowledge, experience and willingness to spend whatever time is necessary to create a personalized program for the client has kept D&H Alternative Risk Solutions at the cutting edge of the insurance market.

Overall, D & H has the experience to work with employers
from public entities to private companies.

D & H will work with you to see that the unique needs of your company or entity are met.

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